Business Development Division (formerly Whizz-Partners)
Business Development Division(formerly Whizz-Partners)

Why to go with Horst Häring & Team...

European market means, to handle...

 ...different countries - different behaviors - different cultures - different languages - different laws


...that can create not only traffic chaos.


These are multiple reasons to go with Horst Häring & Team and to find the way out.


All team members have a professional-well educated background which have a proven track record with many years of practical knowledge in the fields of sales, marketing, business development and finance.

Additionally many, many years of experience in dealing with multi-cultural business environments in the EMEA area, as well as to look back on several years living and working abroad, is one of our strongest assets.

Language skills are necessary in order to build up long lasting profitable relationships. At Horst Häring we are able to cover most of the EMEA mother-tongues and for sure all used business-languages.

What Horst Häring & Team offers their clients:

  • Cost efficiency

    • Own Office

    • No need for Head-Hunters

  • Establishing subsidiaries from scratch

  • Fair organization from A to Z

  • Working performance <as fast as possible and as slow as necessary>

  • Long term commitment

  • Testimonials

  • Very adaptive to business and market changes


Deutsch / German

Where to find us:

Head Office Germany:
D-63477 Maintal
T: +49 (0) 6181 - 42336-15

F: +49 (0) 6181 - 42336-20

M:+49 (0) 172 - 6727747

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