Business Development Division (formerly Whizz-Partners)
Business Development Division(formerly Whizz-Partners)

The Team...

Horst Haring is a native German and fluent in English. The working life of Horst has 2 main phases.

He worked for almost 15 years for the VW group in different functions and countries (Germany, UK, Asia-Pacific). His final position was <Sales-Manager Asia-Pacific> for Audi AG. All positions held had a strong focus on sales, marketing, distributor and dealer development and training of sales people as well as sales management staff.

Since 1996 Horst has his own consultancy and training business. During these years there have been numerous consulting and training projects for several industries in several countries all over the world.


The network covers Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East with the focus on the Automotive Industry especially OEM's as well as Tier 1 suppliers. Furthermore experience in the following industries:

  • Automotive industry

  • Car workshop equipment

  • Building material (production & trading)

  • Do-it-yourself-industries

  • Eye wear / spectacles manufacturer

  • Equipment and tool manufacturing

  • Retail and Wholesale of various industries

  • Fashion industry

  • Food industry

  • Industrial flooring

  • Banks

  • Financial service providers

  • Accountancy & Controlling Services

  • IT services

  • Telecommunication

  • Environment Technology

  • Organisations (NGO)

Sabine Haring was for 10 years the General Manager of a mid-sized company focused on the production of laboratory chemicals. In this position she was full in charge of all operational departments.

After taking over from her late father the first years were joined with intensive modernising of the company - mainly looking into the company structures, the implementation of management levels and the necessary staff development which must go along.

With these experience Sabine has her emphasis in company development and administration. For <Whizz-Partners> internal as well as -if authorised- for our clients.

Whizz-Partners has additionally associated partners in Europe and Asia.

Part of the network are also selected freelancers with established knowledge in several industries.


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