Business Development Division (formerly Whizz-Partners)
Business Development Division(formerly Whizz-Partners)

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TRIBOS is not a polish or a conventional surface treatment. It is a state-of-the-art process - a genuine scientific breakthrough in protective coatings.


Protective coatings that deliver an active polymer shield so durable, that brilliance is locked on for years.

For paint, glass, alloy and fabrics, it is the ultimate in vehicle protection.

TRIBOS the invisible barrier for paint, gel coat and glass that actually works.


Tribos is unique. It's the only paint protection product available for automotive application proven to work in the most aggressive environments of all. Tribos Automotive Paint Protection exhibits a better-than-new reflective shine that provides total protection against UV, Salt, Dirt, Exhaust fumes, Oil and a host of other contaminated.


Originally developed because nothing else really worked in the harsh marine environment. Tribos is now approved by some of the industries leading manufactures and applied to hundreds of craft throughout the globe from the largest superyachts to the smallest day boat, find out what makes it so special.


Proven in the harsh marine environment Tribos was then tested and approved for use on the surfaces of super fast business jets and other aircraft. Approved for use by Boeing, Dassult and other leading manufactures, find out what makes Tribos the only choice for your aircraft.

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